Cover up the free women — the Muslim are coming

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2 min readNov 14, 2020


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Cover up the women — the Muslims are coming

1. Why are the kingpins of child grooming rackets in UK always Pakistani muslims? Why are women school teachers quiting teaching at muslims schools? Do muslim children often misbehave with teachers and often ridicule other non-muslim girls in the class?

2. Why is rate of crimes against women always high in Muslim countries? Crimes such as child marriages, rape of minor girls,

3. Why are the women second in standard only in Muslim countries? Like don’t drive, wear a burkha, don’t walk past 8 outside, bear 3–4 children and always stay within the house.

Because -

When muslim men marry western women — you were in love but he wants you to convert to Islam, they want you to cover up, they want you to stay in house. If you are the first wife of a muslim man — you’ll not be the last. If you are the third or fourth wife — you’re the sex toy he brought for his pleasure. A western woman will have no place in the household of a muslim man since muslim women themselves are not given a role in the household. Your role as a muslim woman is only to play the sexual fantasies of your husband.

When the Sharia law allows muslim men to marry a girl at her first period (10 years and above) and so for that a 3 year old child is still acceptable. Muslim women, who are over 10 years of age, are told to cover up in full dresses and the only remaining women are the non-muslims and the children. It is an excuse to target women, that they were not dressed properly or that they were asking for it.

Count the women in politics or in power in Iran, Pakistan, or any muslim country. What percentage of women work in offices as compared to the men?

You will never hear of muslim women in power unless her father was a man in power and he allowed you. The other 99% women are at home — in their rooms — waiting for their masters to return home.

All muslim women cry for the minimum freedom of a Christian woman. A muslim woman is taught to defend her religion — but never once question her rights.

I urge you. Prove me wrong.



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